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PT Indopasifik Teknologi Medika Indonesia

Closed door digital pharmacy

Who We Are

We are a health tech company trying to revolutionize the health industry by reaching customers through digital products. is a science-based recommendation system for supplements. Jovee is available on Android, iOS, and e-commerce shuch as Shopee and Tokopedia. is a closed door digital pharmacy for chronic condition patients. We pack and send it to all Indonesia. is an innovative open-API solution crafted to enhance the efficiency and speed of the pharmacy's purchasing process.

Patient elderly and many patient waiting
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About Jovee

We are collaborating with experts to utilize Artificial Intelligence technology in data science to give you the best recommendation for your supplements.

Our supplement pacakaging team always keep a clean and hygienic condition to maintain the quality of your supplements until it comes to your hands.

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About Lifepack

Lifepack is a unique product and process that helps people manage their chronic disease.

Lifepack's packaging is especially made to prevent medicaiton errors, and the app will function as a reminder for patients to take their medications at the right time, and  other referrals to health living tips such as exercise and diet.

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About Tetama

Tetama is an open-API innovation designed to streamline the pharmacy's purchasing process.


Tetama can integrate with your pharmacy software, ensuring that your purchasing activities can be completed in the blink of an eye

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Meet the Team



Chief Technical Officer

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Hari Novferdianto 

Chief Operating Officer

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Abi Dwiaji Wicahyo

Chief Commercial Officer

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Natali Ardianto

Chief Executive Officer

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